June 2019 Cash Raffle Calendar


Once again the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center is running our Annual Cash Calendar Raffle. Daily drawings during the month of June with cash prizes from $50 to $200 per day! Winning names go back into the pool - so you could win multiple times! Calendar entries only cost $20 each.  

Buy one for yourself, sell them to friends, co-workers and relatives. They make great anniversary, birthday, Father's Day or thank you gifts! Click on the Calendar below to print. You may buy entries online or send payment to PO BOX 5643, PAWTUCKET, RI 02862 with the information found at the bottom of the calendar, which will need to be torn off. 


Cash Raffle 2019

Daily Winners!

June 1st - Sandra Jacob
June 2nd - Deb Bedrosian
June 3rd - Shelley Carter
June 4th - Michelle Labossieri
June 5th -
Sharon Connors
June 6th -
Christine Custodio
June 7th -
D'Evan Manor Associates
June 8th -
Sandra Rainone
June 9th -
Thomas Miller
June 10th -
Stratford House Associates
June 11th -
Donna Goodwin
June 12th - Kathy Granken
June 13th -
Brian McEwen
June 14th -
Char Kasprzak
June 15th -
Lisa Rego


June 16th - Lindsay Schweitzer
June 17th - Caye Eddy
June 18th - Ann Meitzen
June 19th -
Christopher Stanley
June 20th -
Shirley Carter
June 21st -
Diane Dufresne
June 22nd -
Stratford House Associates
June 23rd -
Sarah Henry
June 24th -
Carinda Palumbo
June 25th -  
Jessica DaSilva
June 26th -
Louise Moussally
June 27th -
Sally Nolasco
June 28th -
Tiondra Martinez
June 29th -
June 30th -


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