Residential Programs

Safe Home

It is often a very traumatic experience for a family to come to a safe home for the first time. In addition to fleeing an abusive relationship, the family is faced with living in an unknown environment. We recognize the difficult steps a family had to make prior to coming to our agency and we attempt to provide a homelike setting in a sensitive and caring environment.

While residing in the safe home, guests are provided with basic needs such as: food, clothing, linens, personal items, furniture and household items. Additionally, extensive case management services are provided for all family members through our Residential Team. A clinical counselor is available to families to help deal with their emotional stress and trauma.

Families learn to live without fear and abuse, and work to create a life of peace.

Transitional Housing Program

Our Transitional Housing Program offers intensive case management and services around client identified issues. The families who reside within in the program are single female head of households who are survivors of domestic violence. It is a supervised living situation in a safe environment. It is designed to provide intensive services for a period of two years. The program assists families with individual case management that includes identifying immediate needs, reviewing options that are available and assist in long-term goals. It further assists families in their work towards personal, family and economic stability.

Safe Families Collaboration Project

What is the Safe Families Collaboration Project (SFC Project)

The SFC Project is a partnership between the RI Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center and the Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCP). Together, we are working together to help families and children touched by domestic violence. The purpose of the program is to keep all members of the family safe by providing crisis intervention, support and referrals to appropriate services.

Frequently Asked Questions

If DCYF is investigating my family because I am a victim of domestic violence, will my children be taken from me?

From the very beginning of the investigative process, DCYF seeks to keep families together through its collaboration with the community resources and extended family. However, in those circumstances where the imminent danger to children cannot be controlled, it may be necessary to seek alternative placement for those children who remain at risk.

How will the program help me?

The SFC Project is a valuable program that is designed to help families obtain resources and support in the community. DCYF and domestic violence advocates are working together to help you and your children live free from violence.

How do I get involved?

You can call the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center to speak with a domestic violence advocate at (401) 723-3057 or call DCYF Intake Unit for information or voluntary requests for services or referrals at (401) 528-3502.

Can I get involved if I live outside the Blackstone Valley area?

The program is available statewide.

For More Information on the SFC Project contact:

Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center
(401) 723-3057
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RI Department of Children Youth & Families
(401) 528-3502                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCP)

Urban Core:

Family Service of RI
(401) 277-3100

Northern Core:

Family Resources Community Action
(401) 766-0900

Washington/Kent Core:

South County Community Action
(401) 789-3016

East Bay Core:

Child and Family
Middletown (401) 849-2300
Providence (401) 781-3669





Latina Advocacy Program

The Latina Advocacy Program was created to help women and men that had been victims of domestic violence. The main goal is to provide comprehensive services to Latino victims, and to ensure that their voices are heard during the criminal process; regardless of their immigration status, cultural, and language barriers.

Among the services we offer to the Latino Community are:

Helpline - Advocacy and support is provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese for individuals that are in crisis through our 24 hour helpline. The help line is also available for family and friends that are seeking more information regarding how to help their loved ones.

Court Program - This program provides legal advocacy and information to victims of domestic violence in the Blackstone Valley Area in District court.
Support Groups: The Spanish support group is an opportunity to meet, share experiences, and learn solutions with other women who had or is experiencing abuse to share experiences and find solutions. The groups meet weekly and are available for women 18+.

Outreach - Through workshops, we are trying to create awareness and send the non violence message. The objective is to educate the Latino community with regard to the Domestic Violence laws and the resources available.

Law Enforcement Advocate Program

What is the Law Enforcement Advocate Program?

The Law Enforcement Advocate (LEA) Program is a partnership between our agency, Day One, Central Falls Police, Cumberland Police, Lincoln Police and Pawtucket Police. It provides immediate crisis intervention services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. All the services provided under this program are free.

How can the LEA Program help me?

  • Explain your rights as a victim of a crime;
  • Provide you with assistance and support throughout the criminal proceedings;
  • Assist you in developing a safety plan and ensure you are given appropriate information and referrals;
  • Accompany you during police statements, to court or to the local hospital;
  • Supply you with an emergency cell phone if needed.

Please contact us for more information about this program.

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